Onzie Face Mask Review

By Jodi Truglio — September 04, 2020

Unfortunately, in light of the current pandemic a lot of us are starting to come to the realization, the new normal will involve wearing a face mask whenever we go outside.

For a lot of us, especially those with older parents, this is a reality that our parents never would have thought to experience in their life time. 

With all the masks currently on the market you might be wondering which ones might be the best for you. The CDC currently recommends wearing a mask with two or more layers. 

One company making a difference during this difficult time is the yoga apparel company, Onzie which based out of Los Angeles, CA.. This small woman owned company has recently shifted a large portion of their manufacturing to produce adult and children size masks for a variety of businesses including, Hospitals, Medical Research facilitates, Fire & Police Departments, Human Rights Advocacy Agencies, Nation Apparel & Food Retailers, and Essential Workers.  

Onzie was kind enough to send me a pair their assorted Mindful Masks which is a multi-layer non-medical, reusable face mask with elastic straps. The masks I had received did not come with a pocket for a filter, since at the time Onzie was only making this version of the mask.  

Originally, after I received the masks, as a back up, since it is recommend that you wash your mask after each use, I had order a pair of organic cotton masks that included a filter from Anthropologies website. 

Unfortunately, although I liked that Anthropologies masks had a nose wire making it more fitted and a filter, I found myself gasping for air and not able to catch my breath whenever I wore it. I also experienced the mask shrinking. What I like about Onzie’s masks is, they are extremely soft and super comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

What it comes down to, is not all face masks are created equal and Onzie masks are much better quality and most importantly I can breath while wearing it. 

Conclusion: Next time you are looking to purchase a mask do the research, read the reviews and for the people that see wearing a mask as inconvenient, look at it as a fashion accessory, find one that fits your personality. Remember wearing a mask will save the life of someone with a compromised immune system. Not wearing one is a selfish act.



Courtesy Image: Onzie

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