Top 5 Cruelty-Free Lingerie Companies to Heat Up Your Valentine’s Day

By Jodi Truglio — February 04, 2020

Lingerie is not about seducing men; it’s about embracing womanhood. –Dita Von Teese

Whether you are at a boardroom meeting or in the bedroom, our clothes say who we are before we even say hello, So why wouldn’t you want your lingerie to reflect your ethics as well. 

Typically when we think of lingerie what comes to mind are companies like Victoria’s Secret, but with a little more research you will quickly discover there are several lingerie companies that are paving their own path to a more sustainable future.  


1) Clare Bare

Using primarily salvaged vintage fabrics the Los Angeles based lingerie company, Clare Bare creates timeless pieces from upcycled vintage fabrics that are designed and sewn by hand by a group of woman who love lingerie. The end results are flirty pieces that effortless flatter the female body without giving too much away.  Clare Bare’s collection ranges from playful to seductive body suits and bras.







2) The Nude Label

Designed to feel like a second skin, The Nude Label draws its inspiration from mother earth when it comes to creating its timeless pieces. Each piece is made locally in the Alemany’s family factory in Valencia, Spain. 

The Nude Label features a line of figure flattering bras and panties that are made from soft organic cotton along with a swimwear line made from recycled Polyamide. 





3) Underprotection 

Founded in 2010, Underprotection is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen. The company’s goal was to create a sustainable brand that makes you look and feel amazing. As a way to minimize their environmental impact, they only create two collections a year using only recycle material, such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. It should also be noted that although Underprotection is not completely vegan, most of the pieces on their website are and range from lacy lingerie to silky loungewear made from lyocell.



4) Chakra Intimates

Founded by Krista Ruegg, Chakra Intimates is a whimsical collection of  bras, panties, tanks, slips and robes that are made using eco-friendly fabrics, plant-based dyes and are finished with Reiki-charged crystals that are hand-sewn into each piece. 

“The general idea, says Krista Ruegg, is to harness the living energy of the stones (“which have been growing and absorbing energy from the earth for thousands of years”) to balance and strengthen the spiritual body. “Just as you eat and get the benefits from healthful food, this is another way of bringing something good to your body.”




5) Buttress and Snatch 

Founded is 1999, Buttress and Snatch is a London based company that specializes in vintage inspired swimwear and lingerie.

The Company makes everything by hand to order. There is no waste, since they only use what they need and never hold stock, as a result you get a beautiful piece custom made to your body measurements.

Buttress and Snatch celebrates woman of all shapes and sizes by not only making their pieces sexy, but comfortable, and wearable too, by providing  plenty of support whether you are in bedroom or boardroom.


Courtesy Images: Clare Bare,The Nude Label, Underprotection, Chakra Intimates, and Buttress and Snatch

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