True Portrait By Kat Von D Beauty Review

By Jodi Truglio — January 10, 2020

Ever since I found out that I am allergic to avocado oil I have struggled to find a liquid foundation. Who would have thought that the new “it” ingredient would gradually gravitated away from coconut oil and shift full speed toward avocado oil. 

Granted, when you think about it, it makes sense why a cosmetic company would use avocado oil as apposed to coconut oil, since coconut oil is highly comedogenic meaning it has the potential to clog pours and make anyone who struggles with acne worse. However with that being said anyone who is allergic to avocado and or has a latex allergy now has to struggle with finding a cruelty-free vegan foundation that doesn’t contain those specific ingredients, which is few and far between. 

That’s why it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to try True Portrait by Kat Von D Beauty. I can honestly say this is one of the few times that I didn’t have to worry about the ingredients in my foundation. I learned from looking over the various products on the website that most of the products in the line with the exception of a few items are alcohol and oil-free which is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and or allergies. There is a kind of freedom that goes with knowing that you have product options. The worst thing that can happen is that you select the wrong shade that doesn’t look good with your skin tone.  

For the review I loved that I had so many shades to choose from, but I also found it as a hindrance as well, since it felt a bit overwhelming. As I result I went to two separate Sephora’s locations in the state I currently live in  (both 45mins from my house) in which they mismatched my shade twice. I’m not sure if it was due to lack of experience or the technology that they are accustom to using failed. 

I ending up randomly selecting the shade that I thought looked closest to my skin tone. It turned out I came pretty close and most importantly it looked natural. 

When applying this specific foundation I highly recommend applying a moisturizer to your skin first
and than using a foundation brush as apposed to a sponge to blend in this product. You  only need to apply a few drops to achieve the appearance of flawless skin. I love that the foundation feels weightless and gives my skin a matte finish that seems to last all day. Also don’t be alarmed if it appears that the foundations has separated, this is totally normal, just gently shake the bottle before using and it will look good as new.

Out of all the liquid foundations have had the pleasure of trying over the years even before I discovered my avocado allergy, True Portrait is definitely a keeper.



Image Courtesy: Kat Von D Beauty

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