Viva Scandinavia: Bjorn Teapot and Tea Cup Review

By Jodi Truglio — January 09, 2020

For me tea is a form of normalcy and the peace that cuts through the chaos in a life full of deadlines. I have gone though several tea pots and mugs over the years and I can honestly say Viva Scandinavia: Bjorn is the only tea pot that you will ever want to own. 

Viva Scandinavia: Bjorn™ Teapot 1.3 L

When I first received the pot my biggest concerned was the glass would be too thin making the pot very delicate. To my surprise although it appeared quite delicate it was actually very sturdy and the glass was thicker compared to most I have seen on the market. I love the sleek minimalist look and how pretty the tea appears in the pot, making it perfect for entertaining. The biggest highlight for me is the stainless steel infuser which holds even the finest tea for example rooibos tea. The pot is also extremely easy to clean. 



Viva Scandinavia: Minima™ Balance Tea Cup 0.55 L

If you enjoy having a morning cup of tea “Minima” will be your go to mug. Like the teapot, I also love this mugs minimalist look of uncomplicated porcelain. It  has a removable infuser and lid that doubles as a saucer for your infuser to rest on when your brew is ready. It keeps it warmer for much longer, so you can saver the perfect cup of tea. 

Courtesy Images: Viva Scandinavia

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