RevAir Makes Going from Curly To Straight A Breeze

By Jodi Truglio — May 28, 2019

If you have curly hair and like to change it up a bit, then you are going to fall in love with the simplicity of RevAir.

Growing up, I had really curly hair that I despised because no one seemed to know how to style it. For many years I was a puffball of Italian curls. As an adult I learned to embrace my curls and wear them proudly even if they were unpredictable at times.

Then one day my stylist straighten my hair and I was hooked on this time consuming curl killing behavior and I paid for it with heat damage. In the end, I learned to love and appreciate my curly hair.

In many ways it is a blessing to have this type of hair because unlike other hair types we have the ability to be like chameleons and change the style of our hair from curly to straight on a whim. 

However, straightening hair comes with a hefty price that no hair product can solve.  

Which is what lead me to completely stop straightening it. The damage and being forced to cut it shorter just wasn’t worth it anymore, beside the time it took to blow dry and straighten my hair I realize I could be doing much more productive things.

Then one day I was lucky enough to discover RevAir which is a hair straightener that is 3 times faster compared to the traditional method.  It literally does all the hard work for you.  All you need to do is comb and section off your hair while it is wet and let it do its magic. The patented heat delivery system directs warm air down your hair eliminating sweaty blow-drying sessions.

The reason why it is so effective is RevAir is the only hair drying tool that harnesses the power of reverse-air suction to dry hair straight. 

For me personally, I honestly love my RevAir, since it has saved my hair from heat damage. Although it felt a little heavy holding the dryer part at times, I like that it never over heated and I can easily control the temperature. I have also saved a ton of money on hair products, since all it requires is that you apply a good quality leave-in conditioner to your hair prior to using it. 

Something to consider, if the price concerns you? In the past, I would have to purchase a new flat iron just about every year, since even the most expensive ones don’t seem to last. Unlike flat irons, RevAir is meant to last and is super easy to maintain and clean. In the long run you would be saving money, since you are not buying a new flat iron every year or spending as much money on hair products. 

The results have been pretty amazing to see how lovely and healthy my hair looks since I started using it. 

Another great benefit is if you are unable to stand for long periods of time this is the product you will fall in love with, since you can side down while using it.

What I don’t care for is that it is pretty heavy and not really portable, meaning I couldn’t take it with me on vacation. I would also prefer it to have a silicon grip to make holding it much easier. 

Courtesy Image: RevAir 

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