Sustainable Fashion Spotlight: Saint Haven & Nomadic State of Mind

By Jodi Truglio — April 10, 2019

Saint Haven

“When they’re comfortable, they’re happy, and that’s why Saint Haven exists— to take one worry out of the crazy mix of being a parent.”

Jacqueline Sacks   |   Mother & Saint Haven Founder

Created out of a mother’s love for her child Saint Haven’s founder Jacqueline Sacks, made it her mission to design clothing that can soothe even the most sensitive skin.

As a result she created Saint Haven SoftTM which is a fabric for both woman and children spun from Beech trees and crafted from the finest fibers sourced from Portugal. The benefits of using beech wood is that it is eco-friendly, skin-safe, breathable and low-maintenance.

The best way to describe Saint Haven line is cozy comfortable, although the clothing is marketed as lounge wear the tops can easily be dressed up with the right accessories, making it fashionable and practical to add a few of Saint Haven’s pieces to your wardrobe. 


When I first discovered Nomadic State of Mind I was wowed by how beautiful yet simple their sandals appeared. In the back of my mind I wondered if they were really comfortable? 

Nomadic State of Mind is a grassroots-style handmade sandal company founded by Chris Anderson in the late 90’s.  Anderson and his team would attend outdoor music festivals throughout the country setting up shops selling their sandals to festival goers. 

All of Nomadic’s sandals are made by hand using materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and recycled fabrics. The company’s intricate woven knots aren’t just limited to sandals,they also make handbags and water bottle carriers making the perfect festival accessory.


Courtesy Images: Saint Haven & Nomadic

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