Arbonne Red9 Advanced Brighting Review

By Jodi Truglio — March 01, 2019

I never get tired of reviewing Arbonne products, since they are always creating something new and exciting that my skin loves. 

Speaking of new product lines, the company recently debuted their RE9 Advanced Brightening line, which is perfect for winter and should be in every survival kit for managing dull skin. 

The line features six products that are meant to gently bring back the natural glow in your skin by utilizing fresh ingredients that are known for their calming and brightening abilities. 

Below is a review of RE9 Advanced Brightening

RE9 Advanced Brightening Cleansing Foam

It’s hard not to love this cleanser, as someone who suffers from environmental allergies, I find this foaming cleanser to be just what my skin needs after a long day. The soft foam is very soothing. What makes this cleanser unique is that its key ingredients such as Cherry blossom, Birch leaf extract, Licorice root, Cucumber, watercress and red clover extract. were added to specifically hydrate the skin and help promote a healthy looking glow. 


 -Pearlescent foaming cleanser gently washes away makeup and everyday impurities, leaving  skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished

Moisturizing formula with botanically based surfactants purifies the skin without stripping it of essential hydration


RE9 Advanced Brightening Toner

I was so happy to receive this lightly rose scented toner, it does an awesome job relieving dry irritated skin while gently exfoliating it at the same time. I rarely use toners, but this is a nice change of pace in my evening routine.


Alcohol-free softening lotion refreshes skin

-Gentle exfoliation prepares skin for the next step in the regimen

Suitable for all skin types


Advanced Brightening Serum

Perfect, is the only word that best describes this Vitamin C packed serum. I have tried many serums over the years and really appreciate that it is more like a cream compared to an oil. I just started using it and my skin appears brighter and healthier looking which until now seemed like an impossible task. I have also noticed that some of the dark spots on my skin that were caused by acne have begun to gradually appear lighter.


Lightweight, hydrating, intensive formula targets the appearance of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, giving skin a brighter appearance, when used consistently as part of a twice-daily skincare regimen

Contains antioxidants and essential botanicals that work synergistically to help the silky formula restore a youthful-looking glow


RE9 Advanced Brightening Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen

One thing I have learned about Arbonne is they make amazing sun protection creams for the face and this one is no exception. I never leave home without this Protective Cream under my make-up. What is nice about this cream is that it can be worn on top of the other products in this line without it feeling oily or heavy or can be worn by its self. 


Lightweight, hydrating formula with healthy aging benefits easily absorbs into skin

Delivers lasting hydration without greasiness to improve skin’s overall appearance

-Broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen offers UVA/UVB protection to minimize the risk of sun damage or aging, when used as directed with other sun protection measures


RE9 Advanced Brightening Eye Cream

I hate admitting this, but for the first time since I can remember I have been suffering from bags under my eyes, which is a new thing for me and something I really have no clue how to manage since it related to allergies.

With that being said, this eye cream helps, however I prefer the eye gel masks Red9 Prep Work because of its almost instant results.


Reduces the appearance of aging, which including puffiness, fine lines and dark circles around the eyes

Brightens the look of skin around the eyes with consistent use

Moisturizes to soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes

Fast-acting formula delivers results that continue to improve with consistent, twice-daily use


RE9 Advanced Brightening Night Cream

This is my favorite night cream. My skin feels so nice and refreshed when I apply it and not oily like I initially anticipated, don’t get me wrong the cream is thick and packed with supper hydrating ingredients that smell amazing, but it goes on very light and absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. 


Ultra-hydrating cream works overnight to deliver soft, supple skin by replenishing moisture and providing essential nourishment while you sleep

-Helps brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles through moisturization

Revitalizes the appearance of skin; allowing you to wake to more glowing, youthful-looking skin


Courtesy Images: Arbonne 

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