Pamper Yourself With Mademoiselle Provence

By Jodi Truglio — February 14, 2019

Valentines Day is the perfect day to practice self love and what better way to do so is by pampering your skin with Mademoiselle Provence.

Lets face it winter weather is not always our skins best friend, it can become angry and irritated due the cold weather or temperature change. 

When that happens I turn to Mademoiselle Provence’s Almond & Orange Blossom lotion as my go to lotion for soft radiant Skin.

I have super sensitive allergy prone skin which makes it difficult to use any product that has a fragrance since it usually causes my skin to breakout or in extreme cases a rash. Mademoiselle Provence  is one of the few lotions that I can used that isn’t fragrance free.  I find myself in love with their Almond & Orange blossom lotion which has a fresh comforting fragrance that lingers ever so lightly on my skin. 

Wearing the lotion is a true luxury, it applies smoothly and absorbs into the skin without feeling heavy or leaving any oily residue. 

Founded by Chloe Mortaud and Helene Marceau who are originally from France, Mademoiselle Provence sources all its ingredients from its name sake of Provence France using only the purest natural ingredients available. 

“My company was inspired by my childhood and how I was brought up – in an uncomplicated, authentic and natural way– in a French “je ne sais quoi” lifestyle, says Chloe Mortaud.”I grew up in the south of France, it was important for me to source our ingredients next to where I spent my childhood.”

Wanting to create a high quality product they worked with the house Robertet, the world leader in sustainable natural raw materials for two years before they were able to agree on the fragrances in their collection. 

“All our products are cruelty free, vegan and 100% made in Provence therefore they meet the requirements of the E.U beauty regulations – which have some of the highest standard in the world, we wanted to present French natural quality at an affordable price.”


Courtesy Images: Mademoiselle Provence

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