Fall Travel Essentials

By Jodi Truglio — October 24, 2018

As fall has arrived, so is for most the start of a hectic travel season. Below are a few items tested and selected to make your travels stress free.


Oh, how I do love a good Chai especially this time of year. There is just something about the sweet smell that reminds me of fall weather. 

I always carry a packet or two of Four Sigmatic’s Chai Latte with Turkey Tail & Reishi in my bag, since it does a wonderful job soothing restless nerves and relaxing the body. I really appreciate that the chai is easy to make(just add water or nut milk) and is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with notes of ginger and cinnamon. 

Four Sigmatic uses turkey tail, which is known to support the gut and Reishi making it a great choice to use during those stressful times. 

I like to drink it as an alternative to coffee or whenever I feel under the weather due to a sinus infection. I prepare mine with almond milk and put it in my Four Sigmatic tumbler, since it does such a wonderful job keeping my drink warm without burning my hands. I just slip the tumbler in my purse and don’t have to worry about any leaks. The sleek black design is also pretty cool. It shows my love for mushrooms. 


G-Loves: Wonder Woman Plank-tastic Gelometrics

This is one glove you will never want to leave home without, since you never know when opportunity will knock while traveling and you find that perfect location to practice yoga. 

About 3-years-ago I was diagnosed with de Quervain’s Tendonitis, after struggling in pain for over a year, I was encouraged to have surgery.  After the surgery, I was unable to bend my wrist. The healing process was gradual and took several months of occupational therapy. 

Although my wrist has healed and the surgical scar has faded, unfortunately gaining the strength back seems to be a long road ahead.

I love to practice yoga, but I was afraid to push myself, since I didn’t want to injure my wrist all over again, since I still experience some pain. 

Finding G-Loves workout gloves was like getting a large part of my life back. The gloves are very comfortable and gaves my wrist the support it needes. I was so excited the first time I tried them and I was pain free. These fashionable gloves do much than meets the eye. 

Gelometrics gel studio gloves are made in Los Angeles and are engineered to protect from injury by giving you an extreme grip. 

Benefits Include: 

  • relieves pain, numbness, and fatigue associated with weight-bearing activities
  • contoured gel palm pad cushions the hand to facilitate movement of blood and oxygen through the carpal bones of the wrist, absorbs shock, and helps eliminate compression on the median nerve
  • helps prevent hand fatigue, calluses and eases arthritis pain
  • unique wave grip provides multi-surface traction
  • cropped fingers and open-knuckle design allows freedom of movement, flexibility, prevents overheating, and shows off your bling
  • opposable thumb opening allows digits to grasp and handle objects providing optimal control and eliminating bunching thereby enhancing the mind-body connection
  • neoprene material wicks moisture, is breathable, lightweight, quick drying, and contours to your hand for the ultimate fit and comfort.



Color: Ox Red

I can always count on my Kanken backpack to carry me through the day. 

Back in May I injured my Achilles’ tendon and was on crutches. I am now wearing a boot. Needless to say, using a purse became difficult and uncomfortable. Fjallraven’s Kanken Backpack was my answer, since it has plenty of space for me to carry all of my essentials while evenly distributing the weight. I purchased a purse organizer that matches my backpack, so everything is nice and tidy. The bag is also fashionable enough to use everyday. Best of all it is super comfortable, waterproof, very easy to clean and perfect for travel.

The backpack is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon and has a large main compartment with a large opening, two side pockets, a zippered pocket in the front and the logo doubles as a reflector.

About the backpack:

According to Fjällräven’s website, The first Kånken was created in 1978 to spare the backs of school children, as back problems had begun to appear in younger age groups.


Calico Dragon Bag: GO VEGAN! SAVE THE WORLD!

This bag sings to my heart. It is one of my favorite to use for so many reasons, since the words on it ring so true. The artwork featured is definitely eye catching and for a good reason, it spreads the positive message of a plant-based diet with its bright cheery yellow background and Pop Art design of veggies and animals that stand out and grab your attention. This canvas bag has plenty of room to carry all of your essentials. I like to use a purse organizer, so I can easily find my belongings with no problem. The straps are nicely cushioned making doing daily errands a breeze. I would say the best thing about this bag besides the article work is that it is a conversation starter.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company 

Exfoliating Body Sponge

I have to say as someone with sensitive skin I have gone through my fair share of body sponges, the Exfoliating body Sponge is one of my favorites. What I like about it is that it’s light in weight making it travel friendly.  Most importantly the outside is made of soft silicone that gently exfoliate your skin.







Hair Turban Pink Polka Dot

If you have curly hair you will love this Pink Polka Dot Hair Turban. I have naturally curly hair and the turban is literally a life saver. I just apply my styling product to my hair, scrunch it a few times with the turban, since it is super absorbent than loosely put it on while I apply my makeup. After a few minutes in the turban, my hair magically has volume and is super spirally. Besides how great my hair looks after using it, I love the retro Polka Dot Design and the soft feel of the lightweight micro-fiber towel making it perfect for travel. 



Panty Fresh


If you are female this is a must have product for peace of mind. Fresh Panty was conceived by Neda Shilian, with the goal for the everyday woman to feel empowered and confident going through their daily activities without the need to worry about any uncomfortable mishaps. 

Panty Fresh is a 4 in 1 product that is about the size of a compact. It contains a pair of super comfortable no show underwear, panty liner, wipe and “wash me bag” to place your panties in. This is a perfect for teens and women of all ages. 

Fresh Panty is the one product that I carry with me in my bag at all times, since I know it has me covered. 


Veil Cosmetics: 


AutoMatte is one of the newer products that I have discovered and am becoming a fan of . What I like is that it is light weight and available in one universal shade so there is no guess work involved. It can simply be used as a primer, with or without makeup, to prevent shine and oil build up and also as a touch-up throughout the day which is great when traveling. It is non-drying and designed to soothe the complexion by assisting in collagen synthesis and protection. I tend to suffer from seasonal, dry chapped lips as a result, I like apply AutoMatte prior to applying my lip stain. I find my lips feels softer and the color lasts all day without feathering. 



Courtesy Images: Fjallraven, Calico Dragon,Four Sigmatic, G-Loves, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Fresh Panty, and Veil Cosmetics

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