Best Lotions & Body Butters For Sensitive Skin

By Jodi Truglio — August 06, 2018

This year the unpredictable weather has played a large role in flaring up my already sensitive skin. Just like the weather one minute it will be clear and calm the next there will be an unexpected flare up of acne just like hail on a summer day that seems to come out of no where.

My allergist had recommended using Cerave lotion, while it helps some people, it has never worked for me. The only thing it did was exacerbate my already irritated skin. 

I was lucky enough to discover two amazing  life changing products by pure chance and a little bit of luck.


Ellovi is what I consider a guilty pleasure, since the Chocolate Mint and Vanilla smell good enough to eat and it makes my skin feel silky soft. I love how the vanilla lingers on your skin like a very soft kiss of perfume.  From personal experience, Ellovi has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend this body butter if you have very sensitive skin, since it only contains about six ingredients that are meant to nourish dry stressed out skin without leaving an oily residue. Word of warning, expect to have this butter for quite sometime. A little goes a very long way.

Born in April 2013, Ellovi has made its mark by disrupting the beauty industry by introducing  its simple clean ingredient philosophy. With the goal to stand up against big skincare companies and take a stand against the damage they do to the environment and your skin. All ingredients are ethically sourced and wildly harvested from organizations around the world. All products are Certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free. 

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Lotion

I discovered Babo Botanicals by complete accident while browsing through the baby aisle at my local Whole Foods looking for something to purchase for my brother’s son, who was suffering from baby acne at the time. Instead I discovered one of the best body lotions that I have ever used. 

The first thing that caught my eye is that it contains two percent colloidal Oatmeal, which is great for sensitive skin, and nearly impossible to find in adult lotion. Colloidal Oatmeal is well known to comfort itchy, dry and chafed skin associated with eczema.

Over the last year I have gravitated toward using baby skin care products, since I seem less allergic to the ingredients.

However, what I love about this specific lotion is although marketed for children it is also great for adults and has a nice earthy woody fragrance. 

One day not really thinking much of it I started using it on my feet,  the lotion managed to achieve what every foot lotion, lava stone and pedicure couldn’t. For the first time since I could remember I had soft smooth feet that weren’t dry or peeling. If you want silky, soft skin this is the lotion for you.


Coutresy Images: Ellovi and Babo Botanicals

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