Summer Beauty Products That Leave Your Skin Glowing

By Jodi Truglio — July 16, 2018

Every summer I’m on the hunt for products that are great for sensitive skin and leave your complexion glowing. I recently found out that some of the food allergies that I was diagnosed with carried over into the skin care and make-up products I was using. As a result I had to update everything. Below is my list of life changing products that are sure to soothe even the most allergy prone skin. 

Arbonne: Prepwork 

I can’t express how much I love the Prepwork line by Arbonne. I started using Prepwork about a month ago with no expectations, since my skin had seemed to react to just about everything lately, but the line was exactly what my skin needed, within about three weeks my acne/rash was clear and my face became really soft and smooth. 

What makes Prepwork work so magical is that each step has a specific job. Please see below. 

Prep Step 1: The Cleansing Polish- Contains Lingonberry and apricot that work as a gentle daily exfoliator that helps brighten & tone. This is a great cleanser to use both morning and night, since it does a great job cleaning the skin without leaving it feeling dry. It is also my all time favorite makeup remover. 

Prep Step 2: Gel Eye Masks- I love the appearance of this product, but I was very skeptical about how effective these eye masks would be, since I have tried other brands that said all the right things only to let me down. However, Arbonne’s Gel Eye Masks held up to their claims.  I decided to try the eye masks on a day that I got little sleep and was feeling stressed due to deadlines. The Fruit, veggie and caffeine-packed masks were like an instant refreshing pick-me-up. Bye Bye went the circles that I had around my eyes, what was left was smooth healthy glowing skin.. 

Prep Step 3: Hydrating Dew Cream- I like using this Hydrating Dew Cream almost every day, since it is so lightweight and leaves my skin glowing without the excess unwanted oil.

Prep Step 4: Soft Focus Veil with SPF 30- I use this with the Hydrating cream on the days that I am not in the mood to wear foundation or I am working out. I love that Soft Focus Veil is Breathable and leaves my skin dewy with an every so slight natural tint. The best part is that it has mineral-based environmental protection for those makeup-free days.


Oxygenating Foundation 

I have written about Oxyenating Foundation in the past and to this day, no foundation has even come close when it comes to great coverage. Some how after trying multiple products for review related articles I always seem to find my way back to this foundation. It  is one of the few products that I can count on and trust that my skin won’t react to. I also love that I don’t have to worry about it melting away during the day.




What makes this foundation so unique is that it is designed to cover and addresses many general skin problems, including:

•       Surface blemishes and minor injuries

•       Liver and age spots

•       Rashes

•       Cracked or dry skin

•       Acne scars

•       Rosacea

And the benefits include:

• Ceravitae Complex supports skin cells, and aids collagen formation and connective tissue growth

• Vitamin E promotes healing of the skin

• Aloe Vera barbadensis to calm and soothe skin while supporting healing

• Water and transfer resistant (swim up to 90 minutes)

• SPF 25 UVA/UVB protection

• Stays on all day – no need to reapply

• Non-irritating and non-comedogenic

• Hypoallergenic

The only thing I really hope to see from this company is in the future they develop a powder foundation that is as perfect as their liquid one and their moisturizer comes in a larger size, so people with skin allergies can see if they will benefit from using it, since a good body moisturizer is hard to find.


Emani : Bye Bye Shine | Pressed Powder

I recently started using Bye Bye Shine Pressed Powder by Emani, needless to say I am hooked. If you live in a hot or humid climate this is the one product you must get to carry you through the summer. I love using this powder right after I put on my makeup to set my foundation since it smooths and eliminates shine. The products light-reflecting powder has satin-spherical particles to create a soft-focus effect by giving your skin a gentle glow. I like to  can carry it in my purse if I need to make touch-ups throughout the day, but I find that it works so well that even when I am working out I only have to apply it once. 



Besame: 1965 – Sun Kissed Delicate Rouge 

Inspired by the warm peachy shade the women would wear during the 1960’s, 1965 Sun Kissed Rouge is my must have blush to wear during the summer months to achieve the perfect natural glow  which looks as if the sun ever so delicately kissed your cheeks.

If you have sensitive, delicate skin such as myself Sun Kissed Delicate Rouge will be a product you will love for years to come. The formula contains no fillers, so there is no opaque residue on your skin just simply a beautiful long lasting blush that is packaged in a collectible 1930s Art Deco replica compact with mirror. Tip: once finished save the compact, clean it out and carry in your purse for on the go touch ups of your favorite lipstick. 


Hurraw Lip Balm

Hurraw Lip balm is one of the very few lip balms that I am not allergic to and I have always been able to count on, since they make an excellent quality balm using only the freshest ingredients. The end result is  a lovely smelling product that leaves lips super soft. My favorite must try flavors of balm are Spiced Chai, Vata, and Vanilla. The company makes a few tint, but my all time favorite tint, Echium Raspberry also happens to be one of Hurraw’s newest creations. Echium Raspberry Lip Tint gets its color by extracting purple carrots then blending them with Echium seed oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids resulting in the most pretty, soft shade of raspberry. 

I like wearing by itself, but it also looks nice on top of a nude lip color by giving it a pretty gloss like effect. I will definitely be ordering a few more to go in my purses and give to my mum.

Tip: Hurraw Lip balm also works very well to remove lip stain or super pigmented lipstick. Just apply to lips and gently wipe off with a tissue or washcloth, you’ll be amazed how much it removes.


Pure Mana Hawaii 

I first discovered Pure Mana Hawaii while I had attending Cosmoprof last July. I was really impressed with the companies use of fresh ingredients sourced from Hawaii. 

One of my favorite products is their mineralized toner which is perfect to use in the morning after a shower or after a workout. The toner contains the perfect blend of Aloe Vera and  Willow Bark which naturally conditions, and strengthen while the Healing Hawaiian sea salts combined with Rose Geranium essential oils. Rose quartz crystal is also added to calms the body, Increases Confidence, Uplifts Positivity & Happiness, Elevates Mental Clarity and Patience.


Courtesy Images: Arbonne, Oxygenating Foundation, Emani, Besame, Hurraw Lip Balm, Pure Mana’s Hawaii,

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