Best Homeopathic Sleep Aids

By Jodi Truglio — June 26, 2018

If you are anything like me falling asleep at night can sometimes feel like a challenge within itself.  There are some nights that I will just lay in bed and come up with lists of things I have to complete or I know I have to be somewhere the following day at a specific time and wake up every hour fearing the alarm will fail. 

Below is a review of two sleep aids that have saved me from years of restless nights. I also highly recommend stretching before you sleep and although sometimes hard to do turn off the TV and avoid using your phone at least a half hour before bed. 

Four Sigmatic: Reishi Elixir 

Reishi Elixir is the holy grail of sleep aids that has literally changed my life. Before I discovered Four Sigmatic, I was familiar with homeopathic medicine, since I had done my own personal research on the benefits of various herbs since 2008, I can honestly say I wasn’t really aware of the powerful health benefits of mushrooms. 

One of the first things I did when I opened the package before I even tasted the Reishi Elixir was smell the powder, the aroma was almost a little sweet instead of the mushroom aroma I had expected. That night I tried the Elixir, I followed the directions on the package which said to just add 7oz of kettle water to a mug and stir. I figured worst case scenario, even if it didn’t work it was still a good way to whine down after a long day of being in front of a computer, but to my surprise it did work and for the first time in several months I was able to get a full 8hrs. of uninterrupted sleep. Best of all I felt amazing and full of energy in the morning and not groggy. 

The reason why Reishi Elixir works so well is that it contains 1,500 mg of Reishi mushroom which is know to have relaxing effects and helps the body cope with stress. It also contains rose hips, Tulsi and mint, which naturally reduce stress.

This magic powder has become a nightly ritual of mine. It is also great to take when you are traveling, whether you are on a plane or getting used to a new time zone. From personal experience I find that at least for me it works better compared to melatonin. 

Yogi Tea: Soothing Caramel Bedtime

I have only recently become a fan of Yogi tea and I was instantly drawn to their Soothing Caramel Bedtime, since I love the smell and taste caramel and vanilla. However I purchased the tea because there are no bells and whistles, just a minimal amount of straight forward herbal ingredients known to be effective to induce a sound sleep. 

Soothing Caramel Bed tea literally feels like a warm hug when sipped. I find myself drinking it in the afternoon when I need to whine down. It is also great to drink 30mins. before bedtime  for a sound sleep. 

Courtesy Images: Four Sigmatic and Yogi Tea

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