Natural Insect Deterrent That Bugs Won’t Love, But You Will

By Jodi Truglio — September 28, 2017

Last spring I had to deal with a large amount of ants in my bathroom followed by a few spiders. (Got to love nature) I tried sealing up any holes I could possibly find with no luck, only to discover the ants were coming from behind my mirror.

Like most people, I avoid killing any living thing and although bothersome, the ants did nothing to me, however my father took it upon himself to spray my bathroom with insect spray which triggered my asthma and worked for about a day before the ants came back.

Now with autumn, here you might start finding a lot more spiders in your home because they are looking for a warm place to go with a shelter.

Here’s why I don’t recommend using bug spray inside the house: 1. It is toxic 2. If you have small children and pets it could cause breathing problems. 3. Not a permanent fix.

Why I don’t recommend killing: 1. It did nothing to you. 2. For ants it’s only a temporary fix, 3. If it is a spider or anything else poisonous, you risk getting bit and if you manage to kill it you still have to deal with cleaning up the poison. 4. The bug spray could inadvertently kill an innocent insect that is beneficial to the environment such as bees, ladybugs or a praying mantis in addition possibly getting a wild animal sick that is unfortunate enough to eat the insect that is dying from the poison.

The best option when it comes to spiders and centipedes is to carefully relocate them outside of your home because they are beneficial when it comes to controlling the insect population outside.

If you happen to find a black widow spider or web outside call an exterminator because the spider is known for beginning aggressive.

After a lot of research and trial and error I found that if you put coffee grounds with cinnamon and orange rind in a small bowl in the area where you believe the insects are coming from it will deter them.

Here is why works:

Coffee: ants hate the smell of coffee grounds and won’t go near it.

Cinnamon: both ants and spiders can’t stand the smell of it.

Orange: according to the Farms Almanac spiders hate everything citrus, so keeping the rind is a good idea since it can be used later. Try rubbing the peels of the citrus fruits( orange, lemon, lime etc.) on the areas where you see spiders frequently, such as window sills and bookshelves and the corners and crevices of your home.


Courtesy Images: Dana Ellyn

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