Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Bésame

By Jodi Truglio — December 19, 2016

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

The same can be said about a woman who wears red lipstick the color instantly brightens up her face, projects confidence, femininity and draws your attention to the words she speaks.

img_0104Founded by Gabriela Hernandez, after a life-long love affair with vintage beauty, Bésame is a vintage makeup line that prides itself on making historically accurate replicas of their lipstick, gloss, blush and powder which are carefully researched making sure the original shade, packaging and formula are of the highest quality minus the animal testing. The company believes that every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, wearing Bésame is merely enhancing ones own beauty she already possesses.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for meeting Gabriela, several years ago I would have never attempted to start wearing any kind of red lipstick because I was self conscious and a bit insecure about wearing a lip shade that would draw attention to myself.

The thing about wearing red lipstick that most people don’t realize is that there is a shade for everyone and when you select the right shade for your skin tone it is like a secret weapon because it is an instant confidence booster that makes teeth look whiter, skin look smoother and looks great with any outfit.

As one of our favorite makeup lines, Bésame has created some of the most flattering shades of red vegetarian lipsticks on the market. Which you can credit Gabriela for wanting to create a cosmetic line that is timeless.

Below is a review of some of my favorite Bésame products.

1970 – Chocolate Kiss Lipstick: is a deeper, rosy-brown nude with aimg_0081 natural satin finish. This is my go to lipstick that I wear almost everyday since it looks natural yet has just enough pigment to stand out in a subtle way. The shade flatters my skin tone perfectly. I love that it has a pleasant vanilla buttercream scent that is not overpowering or overly fragranced. The lipstick is very moisturizing, easy to apply, long lasting, non feathering, long lasting and safe for sensitive skin.

img_00821933 – Merlot Lipstick: is a semi-matte dark brown brick red tone. This is probably one of the most versatile shades that is suitable for any skin tone. This is one of my favorite colors because it is bold enough to wear during the day or night. In the past I have tried wearing lip stains that turned out to be messy to apply and very drying not to mention I had to retouch it throughout the day. When it started to wear off it would change to an unflattering bright pink or orange. I like how smooth and evenly Merlot went on. I found the color to be much easier to apply and lasted throughout the day with little to no touch ups and once it set didn’t really transfer.

img_0106Vanilla Brightening Powder: Hands down my favorite translucent
powder. I love the soft vanilla sent this velvety powder has and the yellow tint that helps control redness and can be used repeatedly during the day to remove shine or set make-up without build-up. I use it everyday after I apply my foundation to set my makeup. It also works great to hide the circles under you eyes from a late night.

1965- Sun Kissed Delicate Rouge: is a natural peach shade to give img_0105
your complexion a warm tone. I have never been a fan of wearing blush, but every now and then adding a little color to your cheeks as an instant pick-me-up doesn’t hurt. This sheer, weightless powder creates an instant glow to your complexion and can
also be used as a bronzer. The formula contains no fillers, so there is no opaque residue on your skin.

If you are looking for a vegetarian cosmetic line that is cruelty-free and has lovely wearable shades we highly recommend giving Bésame a try.

Note: Lipsticks, Lip Pencils and Mascara Vegetarian since they contain beeswax, All Brightening Power, Delicate Rouge, Powder Compacts,Cream Rouge and Brushes are Vegan.

Courtesy Images: Bésame

Products featured were provided as a courtesy for an honest unbiased review. Global Looking Glass has never accepted payment for any reviews.

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