Must Have Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day Gifts

By Jodi Truglio — April 11, 2016

This article was originally posted around Valentine’s Day and we want to repost for Mother’s Day. Enjoy:)

Skinny Tie Madness

imageFounded in 2012, Skinny Tie Madness started with basic skinny ties and quickly evolved into a design house that pushes the envelope in terms of color, fabric, and detail. They pride themselves with having the most comprehensive selection of skinny ties on the Internet.

When purchasing a tie I look for design, color scheme, quality of material used, and price Proper alignment of designs, quality sewing, and quality natural materials used.  The tie I received from SKINNY TIE MADNESS is “Strokey the Bear which the company’s website describes as a “blue and cream plaid” retail price $29

I really liked the plaid design, it reminds me of a Penguin Munsingwear design. The tie makes a great complimentary piece for both casual or professional outfits.

The material is surprisingly soft for 100% cotton, but the lining is clearly synthetic. The label doesn’t specify all materials used. It makes me question if the tie itself, possibly a blend. I like the width and the longer length. What surprised me the most is that although the tie is designed in the U.S.A. the material is sourced and made in China which is a bit disappointing.

This tie was reviewed by guest writer Michael AGuirre and does not reflect the opinion of Global Looking Glass.

Crazy Rumors

imageFounded in 2003 by Edie and Brian Himmel in Brooklyn, New York, (who now lives in downtown Georgia) They created their company Crazy Rumors after relentlessly seeking out the perfect lip balm recipe with no luck, so they decided to create their own. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm is a natural, vegan balm inspired by its owners favorite treats. The balm is made with certified organic ingredients and infused with naturally derived flavors & pure essential oils that are slightly sweetened with a hint of natural stevia.
If you want a yummy alternative to your current cocoa butter based lip balm than look no further, this balm is for you. We love that it is a vegan balm alternative for those who are allergic to cocoa or coconut.

The balm contains organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil which are super moisturizing. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants soft lips. It absorbs nicely  into the lips without leaving an oily or tacky residue that will last for several hours without having to be reapplied. Our favorite use for this balm is to wear it under our vegan lip stain to insure that our lips remain soft. Favorite flavors include: French Vanilla, Bee My Honey and Plum & Pepperment


SVELTA Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub

To simply put it, I love this body scrub and after trying it wouldn’t imagereally use another scrub on my skin. SVELTA Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub is a natural raw sugar scrub that is made with coffee, olive oil and cardamom extract that is designed to polish away dead skin without irritating it.

The scrub smells amazing and does a wonderful job exfoliating the skin. As someone who has dry sensitive skin it wasn’t irritating at all and left my skin super soft. The scrub is great to use when you want to relax and is also perfect to use before shaving. I found that a little goes a very long way. I have also noticed that since I started using it, I don’t have to apply as much lotion as I use to and the fragrance will tend to linger which is an added bonus.
Tip: After you thoroughly wash the scrub off, just pat your skin dry. You will find that you will use very little of your body lotion or not, have to use any at all. If you are looking for a luxurious Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift SVELTA Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub is the perfect gift to make anyone smile.

Simply GUM

imageLet me start by saying I have never been a fan of gum and was honestly a bit frightened to do this review because in the past, gum has triggered migraine headaches for me. I convinced myself to do it to support this vegan gum company and show my appreciation for creating a vegan gum that is available at

Whole Foods. I also liked how unique the flavors are. Visually I love the simple natural look of the packaging. The gum itself tastes amazing and the flavor lasted much longer than I expected. I love that the company does not use any synthetic ingredients or artificial sweeteners.

According to Simply Gum:

“The regular chewing gum you see on grocery store shelves is filled with artificial substances, including some of the same components used in the manufacture of car tires, plastic bottles, and white glue, as well as artificial sweeteners like aspartame. In conventional chewing gum alone the FDA allows brands to hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients in the catch-all term “gum base” on the label.”

Simply Gum is the only brand of gum that I haven’t gotten a headache from. After trying it for a few days I would definitely recommend it. Also something to consider besides tasting really yummy and refreshing each flavor tends to have a purpose for example fennel is good for digestion. For fresh breath on Valentine’s Day this gum is the perfect choice.

Tip: Chew gum while on an airplane it will prevent your ears from clogging due to cabin pressure.



imageI was never into candy and rarely eat it, but every once and a while I would crave something sweet. Over a month ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Crunchies which I now call my new Guilty Pleasure.

Crunchies is a freeze-dried fruit company who owns their supply chain from ‘field to fork” and sources fruit directly from the farmers who grow it. They believe in keeping things simple and by giving you a convenient “no hassle, no mess – perfect on-the-go snack.”

“We only work with farmers we know. Second, we pick the ripest fruit at the right time to make sure you have a mouth watering burst of flavor in every bite. Lastly, we keep it simple. We never clutter your mind with industry jargon and your body with the bad stuff. We’re about keeping it real with ourselves and with you. PURE FRUIT IN EVERY CRUNCH”


imageONYX XOXO Styling collaborates with local musicians, artists and talent to provide on stage and on camera styling that is unique to each artist. Accessories are designed for dynamic women both on and off stage.

This is such a beautiful piece that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift for someone close to your heart. The Jessi Single strand is a delicate Quartz bracelet That comes in either sterling or 14kt gold. The bracelet is made well and is a good choice for people with small wrists. This bracelet is simple elegance with a bit of edge. It looks great when worn casual or dressed up for a night out. Jessi Single strand will complement your favorite black dress perfectly.


Image Courtesy: Skinny Tie Madness, Crazy Rumors, Simply Gum, Chrunchies, and ONYX XOXO

Products were provided by the various companies featured in this article for an honest unbiased review. Global Looking Glass has never accepted payment for any articles/reviews.

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