Check Out Pete RG’s New Album Reaching For The Moon on October 9

By Jodi Truglio — September 28, 2015

imagePete RG is back with his follow up to his acclaimed album Lightning Strikes. RG began his career in music as the frontman to the L.A. indie pop/Americana outfit Last December. Wasting no time finding his own voice as a solo artist he debut full-length New Eyes in 2013.

His new album Reaching For The Moon was recorded in his personal studio in Santa Monica. RG collaborated heavily with multi-instrumentalist/co-producer Brina Kabler, bassist Adam Kury, guitarist Kevin Haaland and drummer Dave Krusen (an original member of Pearl Jam) after touring the better part of the year together.

“Lightning Strikes was recorded over the course of the year, making the recording process less organic since we were in and out of the studio numerous times,” explains RG. “When we began recording Reaching For The Moon, we were fresh off the road and restless to get into the studio. I was determined to work at a faster pace to maintain the band’s momentum.”

RG’s first single “Divine” does not disappoint. The song takes us on a journey with RG’s rustic yet soulful voice leading the way. The songs on the album are fun and uplifting which is a continuos theme throughout the album that celebrates the beauty of life.

“Such a message of rejoicing life is fully captured on “Divine”, the EP’s first single. “The song’s about making the most of every moment we’re given,” describes RG. “It’s about focusing on what we have and need as opposed to chasing our wants, because life is simply too short and beautiful.

You can check out “Divine” here

Courtesy Image: The Syndicate

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