Album Review: ALL WALLS

By Jodi Truglio — August 31, 2015


Hailing from Los Angeles, ALL WALLS is a new music endeavor from Keith Waggoner and Samson Crouppen of Holy Folk. The production duo released their self-titled debut on August 14 via Silver Side and features guest vocals by Jimmy Sweet (Lady Low, Hot Hot Heat).

ALL WALLS was conceived as the result of Waggoner’s score writing along with late night sessions where Crouppen became a mainstay, contributing drums and vocals on several film soundtracks. These initial recordings led to a more focused effort with the help of regular collaborators such as Ryan George, Tony Lyman, Charlene Huang, Shannon De Jong and J.R. Sage.

This indie-pop band’s debut album is definitely a keeper. All Walls make their mark with addictive, easy listening songs such as “The Spider” which features the sultry Icelandic singer/songwriter GRÉTA, who shines in the lead single and “New Vibration” which is reminiscent of the carefreeness of summer. All Walls are a band you want to keep an eye on.

You can view their video  “New Vibration” below.

Courtesy Images: The Syndicate

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