Must Listen To New Music: Enola Fall’s Album Heliotropilc

By Jodi Truglio — August 13, 2015

imageWith two full-lengths and three EPs under their belt, Enola Fall has to be one of the most determined music acts to come out of Tasmania. The band has been relentlessly recording and touring throughout Australia, Europe and the U.S.. Which has led to them to share the stage with the likes of Amanda Palmer, The Violent Femmes, and The Jezabels, as well as appearances at NYC’s CMJ Music Marathon and Australia’s The Falls Festival.

Enola Fall’s new album “Heliotropic” stands out with its strong arrangements and like a carefully crafted novel it instantly pulls the listener into their story with  brutally honest lyrics and high energy upbeat catchy hooks. Enola Fall also shows off their sensitive side with songs like “Heliotropic” which is the title of the bands newest album that was released on Aug. 7 and “7 Down The Well.  Both songs are somber ballads packed full of rimageaw emotion.

While Heliotropic was primarily written in Tasmania and Melbourne, Joe Nuttall recorded Heliotropic with producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Vines) in Sydney.

According to Enola Fall’s lead singer/ guitarist, Joe Nuttall “When you talk to counselors or psychologists, they often say that one of the best techniques to use when dealing with severe depression is to figure out what makes you happy and focus exclusively on that,” explains Nuttall. “It occurred to me that everyone is already doing that. We’re all just trying to chase those little bits of sunshine.”

When asked about Heliotropic’s lead single “Stab On”.“This song is a statement about simply not giving a fuck if you’re cool or not,” Nuttall explains about the vibrant track. “There’s a culture in both Melbourne and Hobart of not-trying-too-hard. It’s a strange combination of hipster kids and that particular Australian apathy, where there’s the mindset of ‘Don’t spend too much effort or time on art, just grow a mustache’, which is the worst advice to give a musician ever.”

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