Nashelle Unterstated Elegance

By Jodi Truglio — June 09, 2015


I first discovered Nashelle at the Magic(Fashion)Convention in Las Vegas, Nev. The jewelry company has become one of my favorites that I refer family and friends whenever they want to purchase a unique custom piece.

Nashelle is a company dedicated to helping those in need. Their goal is for every piece of jewelry that isimage sold, they give back to those in need, for example helping to feed or clothe a child, aid a family with unforeseen medical expenses, or supporting local schools. Nashelle will also donate 1 plate of food to a local charity Neighbor Impact, or national charity Feeding America.

A simple way to describe Nashelle’s Jewelry is simply stunning, almost every piece is made to order, so you can customize each piece to your liking by selecting the metal, stone or any words you would like engraved on it. The craftsmanship is beautifully done and it is that the people that create each individual piece took a lot of time making sure it is perfect.

Celia ‘Luxe’ Necklace

I love this piece, it is simple yet elegant and goes with everything. The best part was that I had the imagepersonal gratification of selecting the stone and metal. Every time I wear it, I get many compliments. As someone who tends to wear my chains on the short side, I was very impressed with how perfect the length is. The only frustrating thing for me is that for some reason the pendent doesn’t always lay flat.


Canyon ‘Krush’ Necklace

imageThis is such a fun, edgy necklace to wear that brings out your inner rocker chick. The picture on the website doesn’t even began to do it justice. This handmade necklace measures about 35″ long, the metal is black and gold and is perfect for layering, or wearing on it’s own. What I love about this piece is that it easily dresses up a simple tank or v-neck.


Courtesy Image: Nashelle

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