Meow Meow Tweet: Makes The Perfect Natural Deodorant That Keeps Your Pits Feeling Fresh

By Jodi Truglio — September 01, 2013

FBWhen I first came across Meow Meow Tweet I was interested in trying their natural cream deodorant. I had a difficult time finding one that didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and can also hold up to the Las Vegas heat while keeping me smelling good all day.  First of all I have to say when it comes to natural deodorants this company makes one of the best on the market. It smell great and kept me feeling fresh all day.


What is nice about their cream deodorant is that it contains Shea butter which is meant to keep your underarms soft, it smells great with its natural essential oils. They also blend in organic coconut oil with baking soda which is considered to be antibacterial and Arrowroot powder and clay to help to keep you dry.

If you are trying a natural deodorant for the first time please keep in mind it will take your body about a month or so to adjust to not using an  anti-perspirant anymore. Don’t give up on using this product right away. When you switch from an anti-perspirant  to a deodorant your body will go through a detox process in which your glands and pores will start to unclog, open up, and function properly. In this transition period, toxins and other fluid buildup are being released and you may notice your body odor increase. Just remember to drink plenty of water and if you do experience body odor it should eventually go away.


If you are looking for a great relaxing candle to try I highly recommend their soy candles. Although I was very wary to try the Rose Patchouli Soy Candle because in the past the candles I have tried that contained patchouli were very over powering and triggered headaches. I’m so glad I did try it because the candle smelled amazing.  It is not over powering at all and is actually quite relaxing after a long day.

Meow Meow Tweet candles are natural and made of 100 percent soy wax that are hand  poured in a glass jar with a sustainable hemp cotton wick.

Meow Meow Tweet is an all natural apothecary care based in Brooklyn, NY.  Each of their products are carefully blended by hand to produce the desired aroma and healthful benefits, resulting in uniquely therapeutic and aromatic products.

All products are made with organic plant oils and butters that are food grade. They use absolutely no animal products such as carmine, beeswax, honey, lanolin or tallow and palm oil( the collection of palm oil is known to be damaging to the environment and is associated with major human-rights abuse which tend to be overlooked)

Needless to say they are one of the few companies that just makes you feel good when you use any one of their vegan products.

Images Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet 

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