GlamNatural Makeup is Sophisticated Yet Addictive

By Jodi Truglio — June 28, 2013

In a perfect world all makeup currently on the market would be vegan and cruelty-free. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, however we are lucky there has been more of a shift in the last couple of years for the demand of vegan makeup by eco-conscious consumers.

One company that has devoted themselves whole heartily to meet the demand of creating a luxurious affordable makeup line is GlamNatural.

The company’s goal is to create a makeup that holds itself to the highest possible standards for safety and performance by being mindful of how their products will affect their users which resulted in them formulating makeup that is BodySafe™.

What makes GlamNatural different is all their products are:

      •  hypo-allergenic
      •  vegan
      •  gluten free
      •  cruelty free
      •  talc free
      •  formaldehyde free
      •  mineral oil free
      •  petroleum free
      •  harmful emulsifier free
      •  phthalates free
      •  sodium lauryl sulfate free
      •  synthetic dye free
      •  synthetic fragrance free
      • EU Cosmetics Directive compliant

Which is comforting when you consider how many brands claim their products are natural, but still manage to sneak in some of the above mentioned ingredients which are potentially harmful. GlamNatural makeup is incredibly rich and high-performance.

Hydrating Foundation

When it comes to this foundation I was cautious to try it at first because I have been struggling with horrible embarrassing adult acne. The shades appeared darker than I am normally use to seeing. I was afraid it would emphasizing the marks on my face and neck. With that being said I have also struggled over the years to find a foundation that is non comedogenic that matched my skin tone, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I am very grateful to have found this product because it not only perfectly matches my skin tone, but improved the overall appearance of my skin after using if for a month. What is nice about this product is a little goes a long way because it contains Shea butter there is no need to add an additional moisturizer. It covers acne and hyperpigmentation really well without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin and it gradually faded some of the marks.

Cream Blush

I have to admit before I tried this blush I refused to wear blush in spite of how much my mother wanted me too.  I was never able to find a shade that just added a hint of color and didn’t look like I intentionally added it to my cheeks. What made me try this blush is the colors looked natural. I figured even if it didn’t look good I could always use it as a lip color since it is moisturizing enough to be used on your lips.

When I first saw the color I received  I was very hesitant because it appeared darker than it really was.  Like their foundation a very little goes a long way. I was pleased when I saw how the blush looked on my cheeks. I  achieved the soft pink healthy glow I had always wanted without it looking fake.

Lip Cream


I use this lip cream everyday because it effectively keeps my lips soft and lasts all day even after I drink and eat. I very rarely have to reapply it. GlamNatural Lip Cream is Shea-butter based, creamy and glides on smoothly. I have found over the years that it is very hard to find a gloss that isn’t too matte, shiny or sticky and just feels good on your lips almost like you are wearing nothing at all. GlamNatural is my perfect lip gloss that I never leave home without. I look forward to trying their other shades in the future.


Image Courtesy of GlamNatural

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