Magic Convention Four Days of Fashion, Fun and Friendships

By Jodi Truglio — March 01, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Magic Market Week in Las Vegas, NV. to see some of the hottest fashion trends for this coming spring. Magic is very large and takes over most of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the whole lower level of the convention center located inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and is broken down into sections such as”PROJECT,” “POOLTRADESHOW,” and “ENKVEGAS.” I spent most of my time at Mandalay Bay because I find the convention there has more of a relaxed atmosphere.

Magic is one of those places you walk in completely overwhelmed because there is so much to see. By the last day you walk out having developing new friendships with people you may have not had the opportunity to meet if you hadn’t attended the convention.

Rather than talking about all the new fashion trends, I wanted to show you some of the interesting artwork and brands that happened to catch my eye  along with the extremes some some of the companies will go through to capture a buyers attention.


SSUR used what would have been their sales booth to give a very direct message in what appeared to look similar to a crime scene having to do with drugs, money and corruption.

American Apothecary 

American Apothecary is a brand that uses fashion as a way to promote social awareness. Each season the company selects and focuses on a specific time or product in American industry in an effort to uncover various unknown truths. For example their current line features drugs that are now illegal but were once on the market deemed as safe to use to treat various illnesses or conditions in the U.S. such as tapeworms for weight loss.

Basik 855 

Founded by Daniel Flickinger in 2008 after a visit to Takeo Province, Cambodia, Flickinger was inspired to opened the Push pull Cambodia Weaving Center in 2009. Today 46 Khmer artisans are employed with the company specializing in different phases of ikat. As a result they were able to create the fashionable handmade products under the Basik 855 label.

Wood Thumb

Based in San Francisco, CA. where all its products are made, designed, manufactured and packed. Wood Thumb’s products come from reclaimed wood sources from around the Bay Area.

What’s humbling about this company is once a week it opens its doors to host a community dinner and beer drinking event. “This event allows us to get to know inspired minds and build friendships with people from all across the city. We always love to have new visitors.” ~Wood Thumb

Hot Chocolate Design

 Kreashun Art Gallery 



Miscellaneous Images


All Images Courtesy of Jodi Truglio except Basik 855 Image Courtesy of  Michael Nalley Photography

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