TofuXpress: An essential, innovative product!

By Ashley Shamus — October 17, 2012

Let’s talk Tofu. The name will sometime scare away those who have never tasted a properly prepared tofu dish. Aesthetically speaking, tofu appears to be an awkwardly textured block of white mystery faux meat, but in fact, is a healthy, beneficial (and delicious) substitute for animal protein.

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is the mushy texture that comes from not draining the tofu all the way. Before the TofuXpress, I was using a not-so-efficient method which consisted of using my cast iron skillet to press the tofu. The end result was crumbles of tofu bits that resembled ground meat.

And then I discovered TofuXpress. The kind folks were nice enough to send me a unit so I could try and experiment with it.

TofuXpress efficiently and easily presses out all of the liquid, leaving the tofu in a firm block! Amazing! Now you can slice, dice, fry, bake your tofu and have it look as appealing as it tastes!!!

This is an innovative, easy to use, and efficient product that is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.Order yours today!

Courtesy Image: TofuXpress

Disclaimer: TofuXpress did not solicit this review as it was completely fashioned by the author of this article.

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