Issue #1: John Bartlett And His “Ambassador Collection”

By Jodi Truglio — September 10, 2012

Photo courtesy of John Bartlett

According to Action for Animals, roughly 9 trillion chickens, over 110 million pigs, and 35 million cows are killed each year in the United States for food. Even more shocking than the numbers is the reality that these animals will never know what it is like to roam free and live outside of a cramped cage. They will never be treated with dignity or be loved. They are born into this world for the purpose of being given hormones and to be slaughtered once they have reached their owners’ desired weight, before they end up as someone’s meal. Sadly, most people are unaware that this is even taking place.

Recently, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) award-winning fashion designer John Bartlett, a vegan and animal rights advocate, teamed up with Farm Sanctuary, the country’s largest farm animal rescue and adoption organization, to create “The Ambassador Collection.” It’s a limited edition T-shirt collection aimed at raising awareness and money to help farm animals. Bartlett has designed three black tees for men and women that each feature a simple silhouette of a chicken, pig, or a cow, with the number of that species slaughtered for food each year on the sleeve. The line retails for about $40 and is sold exclusively at Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each tee is donated to Farm Sanctuary to fund life-saving work on behalf of abused and neglected farm animals. This is a very limited edition, and there are no plans to produce more once they are sold out.

Bartlett, who was born and raised in Ohio, is a well-known champion for animal rights and welfare. He has worked with the Humane Society of the United States and the North Shore Animal League, as well as other animal rights organizations in an effort to help raise awareness. “Animal rights talk interests me more than fashion talk right now,” Bartlett told The New York Times last year. Nonetheless, he is still going strong in the fashion industry. In February 2012, Bartlett debuted the first ever eco-luxe, 100% cruelty-free menswear collection at New York Fashion Week.


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