News: Cultural Delicacy or Animal Cruelty?

By Jodi Truglio — August 14, 2012


I intended to write about something less serious for today’s news article, however I came across a disturbing article in The Huffington Post about a duck fetus eating competition being held in Brooklyn, N.Y.

As a gimmick to get people through the door, Chef Miguel Trinidad and owner Nicole Ponseca are hosting an eating contest to see who can down the most eggs.

These eggs are not just your average boiled eggs, the ones being served at the restaurant are fertilized duck eggs that if had given the chance to hatch might have lived the normal lifespan. Instead the eggs are frozen 11 to14 days before it is expected to hatch, and then boiled for 20 minutes. The duck fetus is usually served with salt and suka, a vinegar that is derived from sugar cane.

“You can see the beginning of eyes and a beak,” said Nicole Ponseca of Maharlika, the eatery sponsoring the contest. “I call it Daffy.” she said to the Brooklyn Paper.

This horrifying practice is considered a delicacy in countries such as China, Vietnam and the Philippines

The competition will be held on August 23rd and so far only two people have signed up.

With respect to anyone who is not vegan or vegetarian, how could this not be considered animal cruelty? For our readers who do eat meat do you think this should even be allowed or banned?

Above image is courtesy of  Woodstock Animal Sanctuary
Cover image on slide courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

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