Global Looking Glass Issue #3


Issue #3 of Global Looking Glass contains 52 pages filled with special about World Vegan Month and who is doing a lot to help animals. We also bring articles related to people, travel, food, health and beauty.
Issue #3 Articles:
* Interview with Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley
* A Day in the Life of an Animal Advocate
* Hatching a Bad Idea
* Basketball: A Symbol of Hope For An Impoverished Ghana Community
* Special: World Vegan Month – It’s time to Celebrate
* Special: World Vegan Month – The Great Vegan Challenge: Go Vegan For The Whole of November
* Special: World Vegan Month – Meet Gato Negro
* Special: World Vegan Month – WVM in Devastated New York
* Special: World Vegan Month – Veganism Is Also About Food and Health
* Plant Based Eating In The Business World
* The New Cultural Revolution Will Be Televised
* Beauty From The Inside Out
* A Vegan Thanksgiving Where The Turkeys Ares The Special Guests
* Easy Tips To Help Your Children Eat Healthy
* Fall Fashion Picks
* Welcome to Vegan-Friendly Las Vegas
* When You Meet a Perfect Galaxy

Global Looking Glass Issue #2


Issue #2 of Global Looking Glass contains 52 pages filled with special and exclusive content related to fall. The subject of food is the highlight of many articles – not just with recipes but also delicious interviews and in-depth articles.
Issue #2 Articles:
* World Food Day
* Oxfam’s GROW Method
* Love Food Hate Waste
* Making a Difference
* Vegan Lunch Box?
* Meet the Urban Vegan
* Day in the Life: To Truly “Live”
* Special: There’s something about fall
* October: the Month of Vegan Food
* Food Temptation is Everywhere
* Bake and Destroy
* Getting Excited About Vegan Food in the South
* When Halloween Meets Astrology
* Sustainable Fashion
* Culture + Food + London
* Ms. Cupcake

Global Looking Glass Issue #1


Issue #1 of Global Looking Glass contains 60 pages filled with engaging articles on social issues, concerns, and hot topics/trends occurring worldwide. We focus on newsworthy concerns and organizations and make them unique by interacting directly with the people at the forefront of the issue/cause.
Issue #1 Articles:
* Special Sanctuaries: Elephant Natural Park in Thailand; Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary based in Ireland; Woodstock Animal Sanctuary located in New York State
* “The Elephant in the Living Room” Documentary
* “Vegan Luxury”: Olsenhaus Pure Vegan shoes
* “From Hell to your Kitchen”: Vegan Black Metal Chef shows the world what vegans eat
* “The Great Wall of Vagina” exhibition
* “A Paradigm Shift for a Special Olympics Coach”
* Special Graffiti: Art + Culture = Graffiti; Graffiti and Brazilian’s poor youth; Orcas in the City
* ”Meet Eva”: a vegetarian alternative in Belgium
* “Vegan USP”: University of Sao Paulo group brings veganism to campus and the streets
* “Warm up”: recipe from Indonesia
* “Clothing for a Cause”: Jedidiah Clothing
* The John Bartlett Ambassador Collection
* “Sweet Vegan” – interview with blogger and author Hannah Kaminsky
* “Practically Raw—Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make”
* “Destination: Berlin”
* “Shopping in a German Heaven”: Veganz supermarket in Berlin


Global Looking Glass Issue #0

FREE DOWNLOADWelcome to our sample issue of the magazine. In this issue you will find we have two interviews, first one with Greg Straight Edge, photographer and activist who lives in New York, and the second one with Ginger Corbett, owner of A la Mode, a new vegan bakery to be open in Las Vegas. We also bring to you more information about some very interesting organizations: Charity: Water, Kiva, IOU Project and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and have a special topic covering GMO issues around the world. We also talk about tips for travelers – ice cream, pizza and what to do and where to go in Barcelona!