Best Vegan Make-Up Brands To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Spring

By Jodi Truglio — January 31, 2020

When you think of Veganuanry the first thing that comes to mind is a month that encourages people to go vegan with delicious food options from amazing restaurants. It is also a month to focus on yourself through self care after a hectic holiday season and take a look at not only what goes into your body, but the products we use as well.

In celebration of Veganuary coming to an end and once again another great month, I wanted to share some of my favorite vegan cosmetic brands that are cruelty-free but also gentle on sensitive skin.

Baked Mineral Foundation

When I was told I would fall in love with this company by one of Inika’s representatives at Cosmoprof last year, I honestly didn’t believe them, since I have reviewed so many products over the years and a lot of them fall short to being perfect and meeting my needs. Never did I expect to be as impressed by a product line as I am with Inika’s Mineral Foundation and Organic Lip Balm Tint.

I have struggled to find a Mineral Foundation that matches my skin tone and will cover any imperfections such as blemishes or Hyperpigmentation. I was really happy to discover the Australian cosmetic company Inika Organic. Everything about this company is simply beautiful from the packaging to the colors that are meant to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. 

For me the Mineral Foundation was love at first sight. It was extremely easy to select a shade that matched my skin tone since there are 12 shades to choose from ranging from light to dark.  

What makes this foundation special is that it is made with Magnolia Bark Extract which helps to reduce skin redness and improves hydration. It is also baked on terracotta tile in Tuscany, Italy.

I have found the best way to apply it is by using a powder brush for buildable coverage that blends  flawlessly and adds a nice healthy glow to the skin. I can’t image wanting myself every wanting to use another brand of powder. 


Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25

Although my mother would probably prefer me not to disclose her age for this review I am making the exception.

My  72-year-old mother, like many woman with aging skin struggle to find a foundation the meets her needs. She has been blessed with having little to no wrinkles, but has lighting of her skin due to aging along with some rosacea.

In the past she struggled with finding a foundation that would match and look natural again her skin tone. Powder foundations would either look too light or dark, there was no happy in-between. Liquid foundations would sit on top of her skin and never seemed to blend in making it obvious she was wearing the foundation and neither seemed to cover up the redness.

My mother aways gets a little giddy when she discovers that I am writing a cosmetic review, since it usually means she get to try the product as well. This was the case with the Loose Mineral Foundation in shade “Nurture Y4” that I found was I little too dark for my skin tone , but matched my mothers perfectly. What was even a bigger surprise was the amount of coverage that she was able to achieve. The foundation evened out her skin tone and covered up all the redness making it look soft and smooth and most of all it gave her back her confidence. 

Some features of this foundation include: 

-Naturally-derived Titanium and Zinc Oxide provide chemical-free sun protection (SPF 25) to    

 safeguard the skin against harmful UV rays.

-Can be worn alone or over liquid foundation for a long-lasting finish

-100% pure Earth-derived minerals offer effortless blending and an airbrushed finish.

-Won’t clog pores or irritate skin.


Certified Organic Lip Balm Tint

For as long as I have lived in Las Vegas the one thing I haven’t gotten use too or rather my body hasn’t acklimated too, is the dry weather which effects everything from my sinus, to my skin and especially my dry lips. You name it I have tried just about every vegan balm on the market and I can say with the utmost certainty there are only two products that currently help sooth and moisturize my severely dry lips and this organic lip balm is one of them.

The balm comes in 5 purse friendly sheer shades that are enriched with nourishing Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. It goes on smooth and absorbs quietly into the lips leaving them soft and hydrated. 

I like wearing the tined balm under my lipstick, since it provides a smooth surface to apply my lipstick on for more even coverage. I also like using it under my matte lipstick since it adds a subtle shimmer. 



Crayola Eyeshadow Palette Warm Nudes

If you are looking for an eye palette that is fits every occasion and  flatter any skin tone than you will love Warm Nudes. Each color is long-lasting and you can creative multiple  looks with little effort. The powdery texture shadow is a blend of matte and shimmery shades that go on smooth without having to worry about creasing during the day. Although this pallet was designed for eyes, what I love about Crayola is their ability to encourage play with their shades and not limit their products to use on one specific area of the face. For example the shades in this pallet can also be effectively used as blushes, bronzers or as a highlighter. You can even mix it with your favorite balm, gloss or lipstick to create your very own shimmery lipstick shade.



Crayola Colour Crayon Trio Wild Fruits 

Crayola Colour Crayon Trio Wild Fruits is a great product to try if you are indecisive about what your first purchase from the line should be. 

I love the shades in the Wild Fruits Trio, since they are also very versatile and an added bonus is they are moisturizing and have a light fruity fragrance. My two favorite shades in this set are Strawberry which I like to use as a soft rouge and Very Cherry which I wear as a red lipstick, since it seems to last all day with little to no touch ups and doesn’t dry out my lips. I also like to layer Crayola’s Dark Chocolate face crayon with Very Cherry to add a little bit of a brown undertone. I call the shade Chocolate Cherry.




I am not fan of celebrity brands and in the interest of full disclosure, I purchased this lip liner as a result of my two new lipsticks being too orange and too pink. I needed a  shade that would tone down both lipsticks without over powering the color. 

I assumed that it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a vegan lip liner in the shade I was looking for, but quickly discovered how difficult of a task it really was. 

It was the ad I had seen many times before on Amazon that finally caught my interest enough that I decided to look at the products on the Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga page. 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover all the products in the line are vegan and cruelty-free which is a product purchasing deal breaker me. The next thing that surprised me was finding the shade I was looking for which is a med-toned neutral mauve shade called Myth. 

Originally, I had just planed to use it to tone down my two lip sticks, but I discovered that I really liked the versatility of wearing Myth as a long wearing lipstick, since it goes on smooth and doesn’t feather. I was inspired to try two more shades of lip liner from the line, but unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky with the colors looking as good with my skin tone, which is something I have struggled with ever since I had an iron infusion as a result of severe anemia. I am now healthy, but never realized how bad it was until I noticed the infusion warmed up my complexion. 


Courtesy Images: INIKA Organic, Crayola Beauty and Haus Laboratories

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