Behind The Scenes With Petit Vour Founder Madeline Alcott

By Jodi Truglio — August 25, 2014

Beauty Boxes can be a great way to sample new products, but with so many companies now having their own version of their beauty box it makes it difficult to know which one to select. Below is a behind the scenes look at the luxury box Petit Vour.


Can you tell me a little bit about your company?

We have a strong focus on natural ingredients, with luxury feel and effectiveness being key elements.

What inspired it / What led you to starting a Vegan Beauty Box Subscription Service?

Absolutely, it was our passion for a cruelty-free lifestyle. As an avid shopper myself, I knew the grueling work involved with scouring beauty products on the market to find those vegan gems. I wanted to launch a business that made vegan shopping effortless for the modern woman. Our beauty box subscription is fun and carefree, a perfect pick-me-up after a hard day’s work. With our new shop, members can now use their rewards points towards their purchases and receive complimentary (carbon-free) shipping. Our mission is to offer the most luxurious vegan beauty on the market and to spread a message that every kind contribution makes a difference. By joining Petit Vour, you are indeed being a voice for the voiceless.

What has been some of biggest challenges you have faced concerning your company?

Some if the biggest challenges have been foreseeing challenges (: With a business like this, you have to be multiple steps ahead and expect that anything can go wrong.
How do you select the products to put in your boxes?

When I’m curating our boxes, I look for products that I think will be well-received by our members—on-trend, highly reviewed, clean ingredients and a joy to use are just some of the criteria. Also, when I’m using the product at home, there absolutely must be that, “I love it!” moment.

Can you tell me what inspired the name of your company and logo?

It’s kind of a funny story. I used to work at this adorable independent shop in Baltimore. We had this petit four trinket that I thought was just the cutest thing. At the time, I was simultaneously planning my vegan business venture and, for some reason, that petit four trinket stuck with me. It made sense to name our business after the petit four for a number of reasons: 1) Both products come in a decorated box, 2) Both products are tiny and offer “just a taste,” and 3) Both are rich, decadent, luxurious—we prize our hand-selected products for their potent ingredients and indulgent quality.

imageWhat are some of your favorite products you must carry in your purse?

So many, honestly. I’m currently head over heals for Lotus Wei. I LOVE the scents—each one ideal for various moods. I like to rub a little bit of the serums on my neck periodically throughout the day.

I also love the Lip Boost by Gressa—think lovechild of a lip balm and gloss. Gressa is a brand we should all have our eyes on. The products are incredible! The founder, Svetlana, was kind enough to send me the whole line to sample and—wow—love, love, love. I am always so intrigued by natural beauty brands that go above and beyond to create something special. I like my beauty routine to feel more like a ritual and Gressa fits the bill.

Harvey Prince is another one of those natural wonders that I’m hooked on. Natural fragrances make people very weary for some reason, but after trying HP, your doubts will be swept away. Hello and Yogini are my two favorite scents (as well as the boyfriend’s). Both are so chic and light-spirited–absolute must-haves for the ethical modern woman.

What is in store for the future?

Ooh, so many good things! Each month, we’ll be adding more products to our shop so that it has fantastic variety. We’ll be showcasing more and more natural luxury products we feel will elevate blah beauty routines. We just launched our Limited Luxury box (which is a hit, by the way!) and will absolutely be curating more for the future. The Limited Luxury box tends to feature more high-end brands rather than the boutique/high-end combo we strive for in the monthly box.

Courtesy Images Petit Vour

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