Best Vegan Bags To Kick Of The Fall Season

By Jodi Truglio — August 18, 2014

Are you looking for the perfect bag that is fashionable and is a sure to make a statement that will carry all your belongings with ease? Below are some of our favorite bags that meet our criteria for comfort and durability.


Calico Dragon-Rescue Dog BagCalico Dragon-Rescue Dog Bag

Launched in 2010, Calico Dragon delivers poignant animal rights messages on each one of their bags with class and style. Every bag is completely vegan and constructed from upcycled materials.

Calico Dragon’s Rescue Dog Bag is a must have for this season that is fashionable and beams with style. The bag is beautifully lined, very sturdy, out of all the bags reviewed in the article this bag is the only one with cushioned shoulder straps which makes carrying your necessities a delight. It also has plenty of space and pockets. All of Calico Dragon bags are perfect to carry your tablet or a small computer.


Harveys Seatbelt Bags-TreecycleHarveys SeatbeltBags-Treecycle

Founded in 1997, Harveys was created by founder’s Dana and Melanie who at the time were restoring a 1950 Buick. While installing seatbelts into the car, Dana decided to make a matching handbag for Melanie.

Harveys Seatbelt Bags originally used solid colors, they introduced their first print bag in the summer of 2006. The Seatbelt Bag design was a print of different insect silhouettes on a green or pink background with matching interior lining. As the company grow they were able to develop the  ability to print on seatbelt webbing which has been a creative outlet for the company and allows them to design unique patterns.

If you are looking for a bag that is fashionable that has a great warranty since the company stands by product and is sure to receive lots of complements then this bag is for you. The Treecyle bag by Harvery’s is an eco-friendly seatbelt line made of seatbelts that would have otherwise been tossed into landfills because they don’t meet automotive standards. Each Treecyle bag is made of 100 percent reclaimed seatbelts, organic hemp lining, and water-based inks. The only down side is as fashionable as this bag is, it lacks pocket space containing only one zippered pocket that does not hold much. However the hemp lining is very durable, so unlike other seatbelt bag companies you don’t have to worry about the lining fraying or wearing out.


Sherpani-Verona and Jag LE BagSherpani-Verona and Jag LE Bag

Sherpani is driven by the idea that quality bags add sophistication and personal distinctiveness to every wardrobe choice. The company is devoted to designing quality body wear with unique feminine styles, fresh color palettes and exclusive print. Sherpani’s vision is to create a socially responsible brand whose unique products; core values and company culture serve the emotional and style needs of active women. Bags are made of non-toxic dyes, recycled aluminum and natural fibers.

Each bag is fashionable, very durable and meant to complement a woman’s daily active lifestyle whether she is going to work, the gym, running errands, going out with friends or a nice dinner. Our favorite must have bags are Verona and Jag LE both are very roomy with plenty of pocket space, however if you are looking for a bag that is light weight but very padded to protect your tablet it is highly recommended that you purchase anyone of the bags in the Limited Edition Collection. This is also the bag that is seen and used by most women.

Image Courtesy of Calico Dragon, Harveys and Sherpani

The Bags featured in this article where provided for an honest unbiased review. Global Looking Glass has never and will never accept payment for any reviews.

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