Fun Vegan Fashion With A Unique Twist

By Jodi Truglio — August 19, 2013

Now that fall is approaching and some of us are getting ready to head back to school to keep mainly with the environmental theme, here are some awesome products we have discovered that are sure to make a statement.

WeWOOD Watches


WeWOOD Timepieces are natural and a hypoallergenic watch company that creates their watches from wood while still respecting and valuing the environment. The company is partners with American Forests and Trees For The Future which plants one tree for every WeWOOD watch purchased.

I discovered WeWOOD watches a few months ago, which makes one of the nicest watches I’ve seen in a long time. As the name suggests each watch is crafted from wood. Seeing the watch in person is a completely different experience then seeing it online because unfortunately you are unable to see the beautiful craftsmanship and intricate details that goes into designing every watch.

For me personally, besides how attractive the watch is and that it is made out of wood which is unique, what really appealed to me is that I was easily able to remove three links so I could size the watch down to fit my very small wrist. What was even nicer is the watch looked like it was custom made just for me. It has become one of my favorite fashion accessories that I almost never leave home with out.


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PACT is a company focused on making the world a better place by saving the planet and funding great causes. The company makes cozy socks, underwear, and other everyday essentials. Each season PACT designs a new collection of clothing that is inspired by someone doing something good for example providing clean water, sustainable food, or affordable housing which are much needed resources to those who desperately need them.

What is great about PACT is that they make great underwear high quality clothing that is meant to last and feel as good as the first time you try it on.

PACT uses organic yarns at an eco-concept factory located in Turkey that is powered by wind energy. The cotton used for their underwear and t-shirts comes from a single organic cotton project and every facility PACT goes through is GOTS certified by the Control Union.

All PACT packaging is printed with vegetable based inks on paper made from FSC controlled wood in a factory powered by wind energy.

Metamorphic Gear


Metamorphic Gear was created by Lindsay Lawrence and inspired by the outdoor equipment that he used while hiking. Having been involved with sailing both professionally and recreationally he has first hand experience witnessing the durability of sail material. As a result he was inspired to upcycle the material and give it a new lease on life by using it for Metamorphic Gear’s products.

Each Metamorphic Gear product is created to be stylish and meant to accompany the urban lifestyle.

The process of upcycling the bags starts by transforming unwanted sail material that was destined for the landfill and to create fashionable bags and accessories from the strong material that once moved boats over the oceans effortlessly.

Each bag is made from strong sail material that will carry your items effortless through your daily activies
like the sails that once hung on boats. All items from this company are very easy to clean and light weight. In retrospect when you think about it because the bags come from sail material the marks, indentations and scuffs on the bags shouldn’t be viewed as flaws, but rather the life story of the sail. For that reason no two bags will ever look alike. Even with the special details added to the bags such as stitching and pockets that make the bag unique and stand out they are still very durable and now given a new life with new story to tell.

Metamorphic bags are the eco-friendly feel good bag which are sourced and made by hand in the U.S. which provides employment for U.S. workers.


Indie Tea

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Indie Tea is a family owned and operated artisan tea company that specializes in providing customers with high quality loose-leaf, organic tea blends, herbal tisanes, and arTEAsan spice rubs.

In addition to tea, they also offer a luxurious tea infused body care line and tea inspired apparel.

When it comes to apparel you can’t help but love and give the founders of Indie Tea credit for coming up with the unique and equally fashionable Tee-Tins apparel line.  My favorite design is the Mad Party which depicts the memorable Alice in Wonderland tea party scene. The shirt is white with an all-over black print and red glitter accents. It is made of a sustainable blend of organic cotton/recycled polyester and printed with pthalate free inks which is then packaged in a latch-lid tin.

“The inspiration for the Mad Party design was that original Alice in Wonderland illustration by John Tenniel.  Each design just sort of comes to me either through a phrase like Tea Time which inspires the art or just an image that pops into my mind. Sometimes I have no idea how a particular design will come out until I actually start to work on it. I have been employed as a graphic artist for the past 23 plus years, and am currently working as an apparel graphic designer here in Las Vegas,” says founder of Indie tea Carolyn Johnson.

 Images Courtesy of WeWood, PACT ,Metamorphic Gear and INDIE TEA

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