Phenomé: Is The Vegan-Friendly Luxurious Skincare Line

By Jodi Truglio — June 21, 2013

Let’s face it good beauty products are hard to find even with the popularity of  vegan and organic products being easier to obtain and more affordable. Depending on your specific skin issue or skin type finding a product that fits your needs could be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. This is especially difficult when it comes to selecting the right cleanser and facial mask.

What can add to that frustration is if you ever had the experience of seeing a dermatologist you will notice they use the word noncomedogenic a lot. Which simply means doesn’t clog your pores. The dilemma is some of the products they suggest don’t always work on everyone and contain loads of chemicals that only mask the problem if they work at all. This is not to say that there are some situations were you would want to see a dermatologist in order to rule out any underlining issues.

The European based company Phenomé, is also now in the U.S. located in Dallas, Texas. The company has received rave reviews from magazines such as Elle, InStyle and Glamour for its gentle luxury skincare line.

“Vegan-friendly is not the typical perception of Texas, but cities like Austin have lead the way and Dallas is following closely behind. If you can buy an effective, luxurious product that has the best interest of animals in mind as well, everyone wins.“ Jana Rupnow cofounder eco upheld

Phenomé  is more than just a skincare company which genuinely cares about the environment. Phenomé does not test products on animals or believe in using any methods that would cause the death or suffering of any animal. Phenomé skincare products are ideal for vegans/vegetarians. Just make sure you read the ingredients because although most of the products are vegan some do contain beeswax and honey that are sustainable sourced.  What makes their  product unique is their use of plant waters which is beneficial to the skin and effectively calms irritated sensitive skin.

If you have had a difficult time finding a cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin Phenomé NON-DRYING cleansing foam is a great product to try for daily care. It is soap free and promotes natural exfoliation of the skin without drying it out. Once you try this product you won’t want to use anything else.

Another great product in this line which is somewhat addictive is BLOSSOM therapeutic mask. Which is a light gel mask that contains rose blossom. The mask smells amazing and is great to used during any season, but couldn’t be more fitting to use during the summer because it feels refreshing and it just makes your skin feel great after using it. A few things to take note of is a very little goes a long way. You apply this mask the same way you would apply any oil or moisturizer to your face. If you have irritated skin the mask will do wonders calming it down and noticeably reduce inflammation, redness, irritation and give you back your natural glow.


 Images Courtesy of Phenomé




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