Why Veganism And Earth Day Go Hand And Hand

By Alexandra Beane — April 22, 2013

Weight loss, better health, improved skin, and amazing food are just a few of the many reasons to go vegan this Earth Day. Veganism is incredibly good for you and your body, and it’s the natural, cruelty-free way to live. Plus, you are bettering the world as a whole as well as the people and animals in it. Not only are you improving your own health, but you’re saving the lives of animals, other people, and helping to improve the world we live in.

Most people do not realize that a vegan diet is more than just a “personal choice”. It’s a step toward improving the world as a whole. It’s a step toward feeding the hungry, protecting our water, forests, land, climate, and our entire planet!

Veganism is more than just personal benefits. Veganism is about living compassionately toward others and it can help to improve the world as a whole.  Going vegan is the single most important thing that a person can do for our environment. Since it takes fewer resources to produce fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, etc., veganism is green, but eating meat is not eco-friendly, nor is it friendly to the animals or to a human’s body. When you eat animals, you are wasting resources while also helping to destroy the environment, while increasing your chances of developing serious health issues somewhere down the road.

Animal products require intensive resources to produce them, and going green is about using as few resources as possible. To produce meat, it takes large amounts of water, grain, land, antibiotics, and hormones. This leads to pollution of soil, air, and water. It takes about 12,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, as opposed to 60 gallons of water for a pound of potatoes. Is that pound of beef really necessary when you don’t actually need it to survive?

Earth Day is a time to think about how we can protect the world we live in. To protect it from global warming, it is especially important to switch to a vegan diet. Aside from the unimaginable cruelty that these farmed animals face, the animals are producing manure and burps which are also playing a big part in global warming. The tens of billions of farmed animals are producing manure, which emits greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide. Methane is also emitted through burps. If we didn’t breed animals for food, we wouldn’t have this issue.

Considering we do not need animal products to survive, it tends to feel like we are just bringing all of these problems on by ourselves. If you feel the same way, the solution is simple. Ditch the animal products and take on a vegan, plant-based diet that will benefit you, the environment, and the animals. A vegan diet is exceptionally important and with the population growing, it will only become more and more important as the years go by.

As if the toxic gases aren’t important enough, we are also forced to destroy forests in order to make room for cattle to graze or to grow crops for the animals. When trees are burned or cut down, their stored CO2 slips into the air. Plus, growing feed for farmed animals requires the use of synthetic fertilizers, which emits a large amount of CO2 into the air, along with nitrous oxide. However, if you want to personally make a difference in changing this for the better, consider taking on a vegan diet and experience the many wonderful side effects that a vegan diet has to offer.

Vegans are working to improve the world, and it’s such an easy step to take. With so many delicious food options available, veganism has never been easier. If you want to make a difference this Earth Day and for many years to come, go vegan!


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