Beauty From The Inside Out

By josie castaneda — March 27, 2013

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

How many times has this quote been heard, used, and discussed. I have to admit, having an artists’ background it is one of my favorite quotes. But in reality what is beauty, is it purely superficial or is there more depth to the concept of beauty. Many argue external, physical beauty is nothing without ‘inner beauty’. I subscribe to the concept of ‘inner beauty’ but also believe a person is responsible to look for beauty in others and in the world.

As a yoga teacher I have observed external beauty comes from a daily asana practice and ‘inner beauty’ is cultivated with meditation. As a vegan, I find external beauty is considered as the ‘glow’. The ‘glow’ you get from eating a healthy, stable, vegan diet. Beauty from the inside out. The concept of veganism is in itself an ‘inner beauty’ practice, it allows you to be fully conscious of what you eat and use this belief as a form of compassion.

So what exactly can you eat to get the ‘glow’? A plate of whole grains, clean protein (beans), leafy greens or vegetables is a balanced ‘glow’ inducing meal. Here are some specific foods you can use to stay beauty-full.

Wheatgrass – contains chlorophyll which is considered a blood builder and detoxifier. The ‘cleaner’ the blood the more oxygen that is delivered to the body and consequently the more ‘glow’ factor in your system.

Cucumber Juice – a super hydrating vegetable and has the added benefit of containing silica which makes your skin smooth and radiant.

Avocado – compared to other fruits, avocados have the highest Vitamin E content. Avocado’s powerful antioxidant property protects white blood cells, helping to keep the skin glowing and lowering the oxidizing effects of free radicals.

Raw sauerkraut – packs a great amount of probiotic that helps the lower GI tract maintain a good amount of healthy ‘bacteria’. This allows for maximum absorption of nutrients which your body uses to keep you ‘body beautiful’.

Water – while not a food it is important to stay hydrated. Good hydration keeps the organs working at their optimum function, flushing out excess water and waste, giving you glowing skin and inner ‘glow’.

As a vegan I have had the experience of ‘glowing’ based on not only my diet but eating specifically to keep a beautiful inner system. Beauty from the inside out is the key to a happy, healthy ‘glow’.

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