Alive & Radiant Kale & Veggie Krunch—A delicious, healthy snack!

By Ashley Shamus — December 20, 2012

What can I say about Alive and Radiant Kale and Veggie chips? Many times I have tried to replicate making such a tasty chip from the comfort of my own home, and many times I have failed. Not that my attempt wasn’t delicious, it just didn’t have the taste I was looking for.

Then I sampled Alive and Radiant Kale and Veggie chips. My honest to goodness opinion is that these are the most tasty, crunchy, flavorful kale chips on the market today. Although I am known to eat a whole bag in one sitting, they are a much healthier alternative to any of your favorite salty and sweet snacks—Alive and Radiant even offers chocolate kale chips!

I’m sure that once you taste the goodness that is Alive and Radiant raw, vegan kale and veggie chips, they will always hold a special place on your shelf.

Visit the Alive & Radiant website for more information!

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