GLG Sample Issue: Vegan ice cream guide for summer travelers

By Glauce Ferrari — July 22, 2012


We’re talking about ice cream, not sorbet!

Fresh, creamy and delicious ice cream is many times the dream of vegan people around the world. And when summertime arrives they sound like heaven, but vegan options are not so easy to find. Usually when people want ice cream – not sorbet – they have to go to grocery stores to buy boxes of products from brands like Tofutti. But the joy of the summer is having a cone while walking around, whether in New York or in Barcelona.

Because the market is beginning to react to the rise in people adopting plant-based or dairy-free diets – for ethical or health reasons – today it’s possible to find shops that offer dairy-free ice cream options.

If you’re traveling around Europe, you’ll have the opportunity to have chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla or coffee dairy-free ice cream in many cities:

Barcelona: There’s one regular ice cream shop there that sells soy and rice options, such as chocolate and vanilla. Gelaati! Di Marco is located in the core of the old town, close to many tourist attractions.

Dublin: Ireland doesn’t generally offer very many vegan options, but there’s one shop called Aussie Ice, located in the biggest mall in Dublin (Dundrum), that usually has at least two dairy-free options (chocolate, vanilla or coconut).

Berlin: Hazelnut and vanilla are popular dairy-free flavors in Berlin, and you’ll find them during the summer in a few shops, such as Eissalon Tanne B and Caramello Eis & Coffee. And in both places the cones are vegan too!

Rome: there are two shops in Rome where you will find amazing options. Italy is well known for its ice cream, and vegans will have the chance to try “the best gelato ever” too. Il Gelatone (address: 28 Via Dei Serpenti) is located close to the Coliseum and they offer around ten soy options that include fruit flavors and other classics (chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc.). And Gelarmony has an entire section of dairy-free options in the back of the shop, offering soy- and rice-based ice cream and a delicious homemade weep cream. They have vegan cones and they make clear that all the soy they use is GMO-free.

Even in Brazil, you’ll find a few shops to cool down a little bit (and don’t worry, because even if it’s not summer there, the weather is always warm enough for a cone or a scoop!):

Sao Paulo: the biggest city in Brazil is home to Soroko, a regular ice cream shop that offer around ten vegan flavors, and they also make dairy-free milk shakes and banana splits. Beside that, you can try the amazing acai fruit cream, very popular in Brazil (not ice cream but it’s worth a taste!).

Porto Alegre: Bonobo CafeVegano offers chocolate, hazelnut and Brazilian nut dairy-free options. There’s also another shop, called Cronks (address: Rua Felipe Camarão 611), that offers soy ice cream.

If you’re planning to go to South Korea for a summer vacation, know that there are many So Delicious Cafe shops across the country that offer a variety of dairy-free options: in Daegu, Busan and most likely Seoul. It couldn’t get any better!

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